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Ever wonder, “Where do I begin?”. I want a website design but really don’t know how to organize one or what I am going to need to begin. Think about a logo fist. A logo can really set off your website design from the competition and will set the tone for the rest of the website design and colors. If you don’t think you will be needed a logo, that’s fine. Next browse the internet . Find two to three websites that you like. Perhaps you like the colors in one and the layout in another. Maybe the rotating slides catches your eye. Make note of all the things you like and dislike about each website.

Website Design

Public Pages

These will be all the pages on the website that will be accessable by everyone that visits your website. Therefore they are “public”. These will be pages where you will talk about your company and who you are. You will explain what your site is all about and try and get them to take action. The action could be to simply click on a button to read more, download a white paper, click on a link to be taken to another site, or to leave a comment.

You may also want them to click to view your photo gallery, music collection or document list. Each website, whether a standard simple website or a complex custom website will have one or more call to actions.

The Front End

The front end is usually the reason users will want to sign up to be a member of your website. This could be a simple registration process and cost nothing. You simply want to control who has access to this information or you may just want to capture their information for later marketing campaigns. You may want to control who has access to your blog, photo gallery, forum, or other information they may be seeking.

This is also where eCommerce will happen. Here they will be allowed to browse the catalog of products and make their purchases and add items to their shopping cart. The look and feel of the website here sometimes will have a different design layout than the public pages, but usually they will be the same.

The Back End

This is the brains of your website. This is where the database(s) are maintained which hold the information for the articles, media and workings of the website. The website development and many of the website design charactertics are controlled from here. Here you will control your menu structure, articles, photos, music.

You will also maintain the eCommerce part of your website here, (i.e., product categories, product list, pricing, shipping costs, product descriptions and photos, etc.). These shopping carts can be standard carts or we can develop custom eCommerce systems to fit your needs.

Website Design Anatomy

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