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7 Low Cost Ways to Reach More Customers Online

One of the true ironies of internet marketing is that a lot of business owners will complain about the cost and complexity of promoting their companies online even though they haven’t taken advantage of the easier and cheaper options that are right in front of them. In other words, they miss the low hanging fruit because they are too focused on what they think will be difficult to achieve.

In a perfect world, every small and medium-sized business would take advantage of all the opportunities in front of them so they could always be found by their best customers. In reality, though, most of us have to make trade-offs between what we want to achieve and what we’re willing (or able) to pay for in terms of time and money.

In that mindset, today we want to remind you of seven low-cost ways you can reach customers online. Even if you aren’t doing all you could be to win more business on the Internet, you have almost nothing to lose by following through with these strategies…

#1 Local Search Engine Optimization

You have probably noticed that Google has effectively replaced the Yellow Pages throughout North America. By adding a few targeted geographic keywords to your website, you could make it easier for buyers in your neighborhood to find your business.

#2 Google Business

Google actually has a special section that allows businesses to register themselves, offer things like hours of operation and driving directions, and even collect online reviews. Any of these could be a big boost to your online sales or walk-in traffic.

#3 Yelp Reviews

People might not trust what you say about your own business, but they certainly trust the impressions of other customers just like themselves. Get a few of your favorite buyers to leave some positive feedback on sites like Yelp and you’ll find potential customers will trust you a lot more.

#4 Facebook Business Pages

If you’re like most business owners you probably spend a little bit of time on Facebook anyway. So, why not post the odd item to your new company page? If nothing else, it will serve as a spot where your fans can share testimonials and refer their friends or colleagues.

#5 Social Ads

Once you develop a strong following on Facebook, you can present special events, new products, and one-time offers to your fans for just a few dollars per week. That’s a very efficient way to stay in touch with the men and women who already know and like your company.

#6 An Email Newsletter

You can sign up for a reliable email newsletter delivery service for less than a dollar a day. For that price, you can reach out to subscribers with offers, articles, and updates instantly. You’d be hard pressed to get a better return from any online channel than you will from an email newsletter.

#7 Local Press/Bloggers

You probably have editors and bloggers in your area who are in need of fresh content, or at least fresh topics. A quick Google search will reveal the most popular, and you may be able to get their attention with an email describing your business or a current event.

You could take advantage of any item on this list – or better yet, all of them – and spend very little in terms of time, money, or effort. So, why not give them a try today?

For more great cost-effective web design and internet marketing concepts, stop by our blog again soon or call us to schedule a free consultation today!

Rick Montrose
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