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When it comes to marketing and branding, a logo has an incredibly important role to play. It can help the audience become familiar with your company name and the products or services that you have to offer. Think of big brand such as Starbucks, Apple and Nike. They have effectively used their brand identity design to market their products and create successful branding strategies. Today, people across the world can recognize what the Swoosh stands for while a bitten apple has become associated with smartphones and computers. Through your logo, you can establish your business in the industry and also differentiate yourself from the competition. In the end, what matters is how you market it.

As a business owner, you get a chance to make a strong first impression on the consumers through your logo. According to various studies, people are likely to make quick judgments about brands and business based on their visual designs. In a report, it was determined that it takes a person less than 20 ms to form an impression of the business by looking at its logo design and website. With this in mind, you should be quite particular about marketing with your brand symbol. You want to catch the eye of the consumer immediately and convince them to find out more about your business.

These are a few ways that might help you market with your logo effectively.

  1. Blogs

With content marketing, you can certainly spread the word about your business and attract attention through your logo placement. By featuring the brand identity design on various blog posts or web pages, you can engage the target audience and link them to your business website as well. Look at it this way. One of the first things that a viewer will most likely see on the blog will be a logo. With an appealing logo design created by a professional and quality content, you could capture their interest and they may look for more information about the products or services. This way, there might also be a higher number of consumers visiting your main web page as well.

If you take HubSpot for example, you will realize that the company has effectively used its logo on the blogs for marketing. It is impossible to miss the name in coral and charcoal with the sprocket design making up the O. In case, you want to redesign your logo then carefully pick on the positive elements and then move forward with redesign. On the other hand you might want to go for a brand new one, then get an attractive and relevant brand identity designed for a similar business, you can find your inspiration using online tools.

  1. Social Media

This is critical to the success of your marketing strategy which is why you need to consider the use of your logo carefully on social media platforms. In contests and giveaways, you can have your brand symbol featured on different posts or incorporate it within a trending campaign. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other network, you can have your logo displayed in the headers or profile pictures and timelines. Otherwise, you can keep the focus on the brand symbol in regular posts of products and packaging as well.

Take Starbucks for example. If you look at their Instagram page below, you will see that the logo and name of the company is clearly visible in almost every image or video that has been posted.

Image Source:

  1. Physical Assets

The power of physically marketing a business cannot be denied and your logo can work wonders when placed in magazines, on flyers, banners and posters. If you have the budget for billboards or roadside advertisements, you can have your logo featured on those as well. The use of physical assets could allow you to expand your consumer base and gain the attention of people who might not be that tech-savvy or active on social media. You could choose to simply feature your logo for social media with a tagline or even give a brief idea to the consumers about your products or services along with it.

  1. Apparel

You can have a special line of company apparel created with your logo at the center of it. If you think about it, a number of restaurants and sporting companies have shirts, hats and other items which feature their symbols prominently. So while this could be considered as something similar to merchandising, you can have it within uniforms for employees or through sponsorship too. Basically, you could sponsor a team in a community event such as youth basketball game. Your logo on their shirts might catch the eye of a lot of locals and help advertise your business effectively.

  1. Events

Usually, there are industry events and conferences or small festivals where logos can be used to market a business and create hype. You can become an individual sponsor at such an event or collaborate with another company that might be affiliated with your industry. Consider this for an example. A restaurant could showcase the logo for an organic farm brand during its launch event; or a car manufacturer could display the brand symbol for a carwash in its contest.

To Sum Up

When it comes to marketing with a logo, these channels might prove to be highly useful. You could announce your launch in the industry with your brand identity design or grow your business with it by attracting more consumers. In the end, your logo could give you an edge over your competitors with strategic marketing.

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