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Search Engine Optimization

Is Search Engine Optimization Expensive?

New clients often want to know two things: First, can we help them to get more visits from Google and the other search engines? And second, is the search engine optimization (SEO) work we do expensive?

The answers, in order, are that we definitely can help them succeed on Google, and that our SEO services aren’t especially expensive. There is an investment involved, but that’s a good thing because…

You’ll Probably Pay Less Than You Think for Good SEO Advice – you don’t have to break your marketing budget to get help from an experienced team like ours.

You Don’t Want the Wrong Kind of SEO Help – someone who uses unethical or out-of-date search marketing tactics can actually harm your website and search engine rankings.


Good SEO is an Investment – like all good business investments, you should get a positive return from your investment in SEO once new leads and sales start coming in.

Never forget that search engine optimization isn’t just about attaining a higher rank on Google, but bringing new buyers to your website. Once you reach that goal, it can help your business – and your bottom line – in many different ways.


Rick Montrose
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