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Why Startups and Small Businesses Need Great Websites

From time to time, we meet with entrepreneurs and business owners who aren’t sure whether they need a professionally-designed website. After all, if no one has ever heard of their company, what does it matter if they have a strong online presence or not?

In our view, it’s not just that startups and small businesses need great websites, it’s that these are the types of clients who especially need our help. Here are a few of the biggest reasons why…


Your Website is the First Place People Go to Find out About You – often, potential customers (not to mention potential colleagues, vendors, and employees) will go to your website before they ever visit your retail store or call for more information. What they see had better be impressive.


Unknown Businesses Need Credibility – if your business doesn’t have name recognition and a great reputation, then it needs a website that makes you look like a legitimate, professional enterprise. Otherwise, buyers might have doubts about your company.


Your Website Is a Cost-Effective Promotional Tool – online marketing is more cost-effective than direct mail, telemarketing, or offline advertising. So, if you’re trying to make the most of your budget, a great website should be your first consideration.


When your business is new or relatively unknown, resources are tight. But, getting a great website could be the best investment you make, so don’t cut corners on the one tool that can really help your venture grow.  For as little as $450 you could have a great looking professionally designed website.


Call today to get your new Professionally designed website online!




Rick Montrose

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