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Is Your Website Invisible to Search Engines?

If you’ve been trying to get Google to send you customers, but can’t seem to crack into the top search spots, it might be because search spiders are ignoring you. A lot of business owners and managers don’t know this, but certain problems can prevent you from getting any search traffic at all.

What kinds of issues can sink your website? How about:

  • Web pages that load slowly or aren’t mobile-friendly
  • Bad hosting that puts you next to spammy websites
  • Broken links that don’t go from one page to another
  • Web content that scores poorly within Google


These are just a few of the very common problems that can stop you from getting search traffic. There are actually dozens of others. The best way to find and fix them is with a simple website audit that lets us go deep into your HTML and find places to make repairs.

If you’re tired of watching other companies succeed at online marketing while you struggle to get customers, call us today to see how we can help!

Rick Montrose
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